Ariana Herrera

After School Academy Instructor

Meet Ariana, who embarked on her journey with VCRC in March 2023, driven by her growing passion for education and community service, particularly in uplifting children within her community. Recognizing the disparities faced by minorities and first-generation students, Ariana has been motivated to bridge these gaps and create opportunities for all.

Her commitment to education blossomed during high school when she engaged with the TLC (Teaching and Learning Careers) academy, where she gained valuable exposure to the classroom environment and found mentors who inspired her in the field of education. This experience ignited her passion for the transformative work of teachers and educators.

Currently pursuing further education at Los Medanos College, Ariana is determined to transfer and obtain a multiple subject credential while majoring in early childhood development. Her ultimate goal is to make a profound impact within the educational landscape of her community, both within classrooms and beyond. Drawing from her own experiences, Ariana intimately understands the adversities faced by local children and families, and she aspires to use her lived experiences to catalyze positive change that will resonate for generations to come.

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