Can’t pay? Owe back rent? Under threat of eviction?

Help tenants stay in the residential spaces they rent:

Millions of tenants/renters are impacted by the new California law “The Tenant, Homeowner and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020.” For more information we have prepared a one-pager for you to download and share. Please also visit our blog to review in-depth answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Tenant Relief Act.

To urgently communicate clear and concise information to renters, we launched Text RentSOS to 211 211 – a campaign designed to help renters/tenants understand their rights under the new law and access available resources to ensure they can stay housed.  United Ways of California owns and operates 211 211, a text message short-code already in use statewide, and throughout the United States. 211 211 has been used for outreach and informational campaigns incorporating federal, state, and zipcode level resources for anyone with non-emergency needs. Messages have been in English and other languages. 211 211 resources are for you to use, without fees, contractual agreements, or fine print.

Californians unable to pay rent and/or already dealing with threats of eviction are seeking out information regarding recent state and federal orders. Therefore, our top priority is ensuring that tenants/renters know their rights and what steps to take in order to exercise them. For our organizations to achieve this urgent goal, we must coordinate outreach efforts and employ consistent messaging to collectively arm our communities with the information and tools they need in this moment of crisis. We strongly encourage you to use and refer people seeking information to text RentSOS to 211 211 for help connecting tenants/renters to the information and resources they need.  We are and will continue to consult with legal aid experts on the content to ensure timely and accurate information.

Click on the links for additional summaries prepared by the Western Center for Law and Poverty, Legal Services of Northern California, and a coalition of several of our partner organizations.

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