Gerthy Loveday Cohen


Gerthy Loveday Cohen moved from Lima to New Mexico in 1997. She Gerthy Loveday Cohen made the transition from Lima to New Mexico in 1997. At the University of New Mexico, she pursued her studies and achieved a master’s degree in Counseling. Shortly after graduating in 2000, Gerthy secured a position as a Middle School counselor with Albuquerque Public Schools, where she remained for two decades.

Throughout her tenure at APS, Gerthy actively participated in the district crisis team, contributing her expertise to support students and staff in challenging times. She dedicated herself to continuous growth, attending numerous trainings and earning the title of Certified Suicide Prevention Trainer.

Currently, Gerthy holds the role of counselor at Freedom High School and serves as a Mental Health Commissioner in Contra Costa County. Her passion lies in utilizing her mental health expertise to make a positive impact within the community.

Joining the Board of Directors at VCRC, Gerthy feels delighted and honored, as it provides her with the opportunity to further contribute to the organization’s mission. She looks forward to collaborating with the community and is enthusiastic about the potential to help and empower those in need.

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