Karina Martinez

Community Organizer, Education & Health

Introducing Karina: A journey spanning continents and cultures, Karina’s life narrative embodies resilience, determination, and a profound commitment to community service. Born in Michoacan, Mexico, her odyssey began at the age of 5 when her family resettled in Brentwood, California. Here, she embarked on her educational voyage, mastering English while navigating the intricacies of a new culture.

Karina’s familial journey traversed between Mexico and California on three separate occasions, each transition shaping her identity and worldview. Post high school, she toiled in a local packing shed, yet her aspirations knew no bounds. At 20, fueled by ambition and a thirst for knowledge, she ventured to Morelia, Michoacan, to pursue higher education at the esteemed Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2017.

Her collegiate years were not solely dedicated to academics; Karina embraced the ethos of service, volunteering at CRIT Teleton Michoacan. Immersed in this noble endeavor, she gleaned invaluable insights into the diverse needs and life perspectives prevalent within her community, fostering empathy and understanding.

In 2018, Karina resolved to return to Oakley, where familial ties beckoned. Driven by the pursuit of enhanced opportunities and a better quality of life for her loved ones, she embarked on a mission to uplift her community. Her passion for community engagement found expression in leadership roles, spearheading the growth and development of VCRC’s Parent Peer Support Group and SerenaMente, initiatives aimed at nurturing mental health awareness and support within underserved communities.

Karina’s journey is not just one of personal triumph but a testament to the transformative power of resilience, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to community well-being. As a devoted wife and mother of two, Karina’s unwavering dedication to family and community serves as an inspiration to all who encounter her story.

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