My After School Academy experience this year at VCRC

The 2022-2023 school year was an absolute blast! Our After School Academy (ASA) program was buzzing with energy, filled with incredible activities, mind-blowing lessons, and a bunch of awesome new students. But let me tell you about one particular lesson that blew everyone’s minds—the butterfly cycle!

Oh boy, the excitement was off the charts as we witnessed the magical transformation of caterpillars into stunning butterflies. Every day, we eagerly watched those little creatures grow bigger and undergo tremendous changes. The students were captivated, and their enthusiasm was infectious! They were all buzzing with questions and answers, exploring the intricacies of the butterfly cycle together. It was a thrilling experience for everyone involved!

But you know what? Our ASA program wasn’t just about butterflies. It went through its own incredible metamorphosis throughout the year. We welcomed a bunch of new students, fresh faces bursting with potential. And let me tell you, it was an absolute joy to help these newcomers adjust to their new surroundings. We connected them with our experienced students who had been part of the program for years, forming an incredible support system.

The camaraderie and warmth shared among the students were simply heartwarming. Witnessing the bonds formed and the growth of our ASA family was an absolute delight. It’s moments like these that make every day unique.

Now, I can hardly contain my excitement for the upcoming year. I’m already excited, wondering what new adventures, lessons, and incredible students will come our way. The future is brimming with endless possibilities, and I can’t wait to embark on this exhilarating journey with our program and amazing students! Bring it on!

Selena MartinezStory by: Selena Martinez, After School Academy Site Lead, Brentwood

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