My Story – Gladys Baldeon-Salcedo

My name is Gladys and I am a mother in VCRC. Before meeting Village, I had a hard time helping my daughter in her homework. I was limited by my lack of knowledge of English. It was hard for me to teach my girl to read. I work very hard for long hours, to give everything to my daughter. I traveled to my few friends in Brentwood and offered them payment to teach my girl. They were sad and difficult times for my daughter and for me, she was starting kindergarten.

Until one of my friends passed me the information that the VCRC center existed. Without thinking I went to the center to seek the support we needed so much. There they accepted my girl, and we started working harder with her. As a mother, my expectations have changed a lot. I wondered: How can I help my girl? How can I help you with your daily tasks? In fact, after arriving at this center I don’t worry so much anymore because I know it is a big help for all the parents that attend the center.

There we know that there are people who really help us and above all educate us to make a lot of effort so that our children get out after their regular school. Since then my girl is very happy and happy for the teaching of prepared people. In the same way I find myself happy and happy for her learning that even in her classroom, she is one of the best to read. This makes me very proud.

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