Parent Peer Support Group

This group was born in 2020 with the Covid-19 Pandemic, it began with helping parents cope with all the stress factors of having to stay at home in quarantine, children attending school virtually, loss of income amongst many others. Our parents would share how to be able to do the virtual classes, we would share resources to help with the loss of income and the fear of getting evicted, eventually we were able to share information on vaccination sites. The group shifted and parents wanted to learn more about transitions that our children face from childhood to teenagers, what are signs that they should look after in case their children are having emotional struggles like anxiety, depression, stress. We have been able to have workshops with parents with doctors, immigration lawyers, nutritionists,  school officials, and members of other organizations that work on tenant rights. Parents are now learning about emotional intelligence, self care, self love, education styles, parenting styles, self esteem, stress, learning disorders. All of these topics have helped parents be able to build a better bond with their children, partners and most importantly it has helped them heal that parent guilt many of us feel. 

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