Staff Spotlight: Angelica Aguilar

Meet Angelica Aguilar, one of our newest staff members at Village Community Resource Center! 

Angelica Aguilar

Angelica Aguilar joined VCRC as a Community Organizer in May 2022 after immigrating to Brentwood from Peru with her family. While she lived in Peru, she studied education and worked as a preschool teacher. After she came to the U.S, she looked for a similar organization that aligned with her personal values when it comes to teaching.


“In my opinion, in order for a student to have educational success, it is important that parents and teachers work together and have the same goals to develop the student’s potential, but sometimes it is not possible when you (speak) a different language,” Angelica said. “At VCRC, people have a similar opinion to me, so it’s nice to work here.”


In her role as a Community Organizer, she speaks with mothers one-on-one to be able to get to know them better and meets with them in a group setting through Parent Leadership Meetings. At these group meetings, the parents discuss what types of actions they would like to take to improve the quality of their child’s education.


She also takes part in our Parent Academy where parents learn about the tools and  resources available as well as how they can support their child’s personal and academic journey.


“I really liked the first Parent Leadership Retreat because I was able to get to know many mothers more closely,” Angelica said. She added that she hopes that parents will feel “inspired and empowered, in addition, [that they] could see the importance of active participation in the education of their children.”

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