Elena Aguilar

Elena Aguilar – After School Academy Instructor

Elena Aguilar is the most recent addition to our VCRC team. Elena is a deeply rooted fourth generation citizen of Brentwood. Like many of our past and current students, she attended Ron Nunn Elementary School, Edna Hill Middle School. She currently attends Liberty Union High School. She is very excited to be a senior this year. Elena enjoys participating in programs that benefit the community. She loves volunteering for Be Exceptional, a program for special needs children and adults and has also participated with Giving Gratitude, an organization which provides words and letters of encouragement to first responders throughout this pandemic. Most recently she attended marches and demonstrations with the goal of bringing awareness to causes and better treatment of people of color. Elena believes in taking action for change! She is more than excited to join our team and is hoping to make a positive difference in so many lives!

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