Mariela Gonzalez – After School Academy Instructor

Meet Mariela, who commenced her journey at VCRC in February 2023, following an enriching internship with the organization during her Health Careers Academy class in October 2022. A lifelong resident of Brentwood, Mariela proudly received her diploma from Liberty High School in 2023. Currently enrolled at Los Medanos College, she is pursuing a degree in Liberal Arts with a focus on Math and Science, with aspirations to become a pediatric sonographer – a dream she is actively pursuing by completing prerequisite courses for sonography school.

As a first-generation student with a deep-seated passion for the medical field, Mariela is determined to carve her path and become the first in her family to embark on a career in healthcare. Her profound love for teaching at VCRC stems from her personal understanding of the students' challenges, particularly those facing language barriers in their education. Through her role, Mariela endeavors to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these children, aiming to instill in them a sense of belief and inspire them to reach their full potential.

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