Seth Chagi – After School Academy Instructor

Seth Chagi is a Science Communicator and Founder of the World of Paleoanthropology, a Science Communication initiative aimed at spreading awareness and knowledge about humanity's shared Human Origins. He holds multiple degrees in Anthropology, Sociology, and Behavioral Sciences. Currently, he is pursuing further education and has plans to begin his Ph.D. program in the near future.

For Seth, learning and sharing knowledge are true passions. His current position allows him to impart his expertise to children, shaping their minds and providing them with valuable insights. He considers it a privilege to have this opportunity and takes great pride in his role.

Having experienced the joys, challenges, and eagerness to learn as a young child in school, Seth empathizes with today's students. He is dedicated to assisting them in any way possible, offering pathways to knowledge and education through his infectious passion and enthusiasm.

Above all, Seth Chagi aspires to leave the world in a better state than he found it, making a positive impact through his contributions in the field of science communication and education.

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