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Solomon Belette – Member

Solomon brings extensive nonprofit leadership experience to VCRC. He directed the work of Catholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB) from 2005 to 2013 as Chief Executive Officer. During a seventeen-year career at CCEB, he was responsible for increasing annual revenue from $4 million to $7 million by diversifying sources of funding, and he spearheaded a massive expansion in endowment from $300,000 to over $4 million. He significantly built out the agency’s services, establishing new satellite offices in Concord and Brentwood and leading the effort to acquire a new facility in Richmond.
After leaving his position at CCEB, Solomon continued to support nonprofits of varying size and complexity as President and CEO of SISAR Management and Consulting Services. In 2015, he joined John F. Kennedy University as Director of Corporate and Community Relations and now holds the position of Director of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at the same institution. As a community leader, he remains committed to building community engagement, to bringing together the corporate and the philanthropic sectors, and to promoting collective impact strategies that strengthen the safety net for those who are most vulnerable.
Solomon graduated from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and completed his graduate studies in sociology at Michigan State University.

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