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Ana Tacan


We are excited to have Ana as part of our team at VCRC. Ana has over 20 years of experience empowering young people. She’s worked as a Case Manager in early childhood education and as a Youth Coordinator, helping young people between the ages of 14 and 21 pursue career and educational goals. She developed a passion for encouraging leadership skills in children when she became Unit Director for the Boys and Girls Club of Tracy. In that role, Ana helped organize parent leadership groups with the community in an effort to address issues affecting the lives of children in San Joaquin County. Most recently, Ana worked closely with families in a catalytic effort to end child abuse and neglect by keeping children healthy and safe in their environments. She strove to inspire parents to advocate for brighter futures for their children and to eliminate problems like domestic violence and homelessness by developing strategies for self-sufficiency. Since joining VCRC in 2015, Ana has empowered and inspired children and families through her roles as Program Director, Family Resource Specialist, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Byron Site Supervisor. Ana was instrumental in developing VCRC’s Family Leadership and Organizing program and currently works as the Associate Director of Community Engagement.

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