Valerie Reategui – After School Academy Instructor – Lead Site Supervisor

Meet Valerie, who joined VCRC in September 2020 amidst the challenges of the COVID era. Hailing from Brentwood, she proudly graduated from Heritage High School in 2016 before pursuing business at Los Medanos College, where she earned her Associate's degree in Science. Beyond her academic pursuits, Valerie's commitment to her community shines through her dedicated volunteer work at her local Kingdom Hall, a role she cherishes deeply.

An intrepid traveler at heart, Valerie eagerly anticipates the adventures that lie ahead as she seeks to explore the wonders of the world in the coming years.

During her tenure at VCRC, Valerie has witnessed remarkable growth within the After School Academy. Engaging with not only the Brentwood community but also fostering connections in Byron and Oakley, she has found fulfillment in tutoring students, orchestrating special events, and witnessing the remarkable transformation of students as their confidence soars with each achievement. Recognizing the integral role parents and students play in her life, Valerie eagerly anticipates the promising future that awaits the After School Academy.

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