Bilingual Resources Help Older Hispanics Age Well

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and NCOA has several Spanish-language resources to empower older Latinx individuals to improve their health and economic security. Please share!

Modeled on NCOA’s respected BenefitsCheckUp®, this free and confidential tool connects Spanish-speaking older adults to billions of dollars in federal, state, local, and private benefits to pay for daily expenses such as food, medicine, utilities, and more.

Chequeo Contra Caidas

This screening tool allows older adults to assess their risk of falling—one of the greatest health risks as people age. Users receive a personalized report with culturally competent Spanish falls prevention resources, including a video, tips, and handouts.

COVID-19 Recursos

When the pandemic started, we quickly developed trusted information and videos to spread the word about how to stay safe.


Scammers prey on older adults. Our tips show how to spot bad actors.

To view all of NCOA’s Spanish-language content, please visitñol.

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