Leadership & Organizing

Village Community Resource Center (VCRC) helps vulnerable East County families and their kids. We’re coaches, mentors, and allies. Underserved kids get 4,000 fewer hours of learning time by the 6th grade. With our After School Academy, we’re changing that. Kids with foreign-born parents are half as likely to have health insurance, so they miss essential care. With the John Muir Mobile Clinic, we’re changing that. Low-income parents attend half the number of school meetings each year. With our Family Leadership programs, we’re changing that. Children of immigrants are less likely to benefit from assistance such as food stamps, so they’re likelier to go without food. With our summer lunch program, we’re changing that.

Poverty and family stress are the top barriers to kids succeeding in school. Our Family Leadership programs empower East County families so that parents and kids thrive together.

Family Leadership Training

Immigrant families, underprivileged families, and families with limited English care about their kids’ education, but they face more barriers when engaging with the school system. Our Family Leadership Training leverages the skills parents already have while teaching specific techniques to help families have an equal voice. Participants learn how school funding works, how administrations work, and how to make a real impact. This nine-week program offers morning or evening sessions, so it’s suitable for every schedule. Contact us to get involved.

Conversational English

These fun, practical classes are designed specifically to help participants navigate their families’ daily lives. Taught by a certified instructor in partnership with Liberty Adult Education, our English classes meet in our Brentwood location twice weekly for two hours. Class themes include medical appointments, school, grocery shopping, auto repair, conversational greetings, and more. We’re proud to provide a safe environment for learning language skills. Contact us to get involved.

Immigration Services

We work with trusted local organizations to get legal help and immigration assistance for families in our community. Contact us for help.

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