Team Members

Improving thoughts, strengthening communities or Mejorando Pensamientos, Fortaleciendo comunidades is a group led by Promotoras en Bienestar mental or community health outreach workers in mental wellbeing. This is a project that aims to help, for now, the hispanic latino underserved community to have access to mental well being sessions that are catered to their culture and language. The promotores show and learn from the community what stress means to them in the day to day life, for example health, housing, work, immigration, children, education, amongst others. The sessions show the participants techniques to control and manage stress as well as strategies to be able to identify those stress factors and what they do in our body and be able to control the stress before it aggravates into anxiety or depression.  Our promotoras go through quality training to be able to provide quality accompaniment to our community members. We are community members serving community members from the heart.

Karina Irai
Laura Patricia
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